Frontside and backside, at 80 under foot, you can work your Magic all over the mountain.


  • Crave the sound of crushing it on the corduroy?   So does the Magic.      Traditional camber, a low profile tip and maximum edge contact length deliver precise grip.   Don’t underestimate the Magic, it can be as fun for the occasional backside run as it is thirsting for more frontside carving.    Change your life and your skiing, add some Magic.     Sizes 149/ 159/169/179,   Radius: 16.7m,  Sidecut: 179-126/80/110,  Camber-Tip Rocker: 90/10

  • Skis ship via Fedex ground for $20 to US destinations and $30 to Canadian destinations per pair.   Call for expedited and other destination charges.