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Your Search For the Perfect Turn Ends Here


Epic Days Await

Defined by your actions, you know the serenity of summit vistas, the rush of deep, first tracks and the ecstasy of high speed vertical.

Off the rack product isn’t made for you.   Iridium is.   Built entirely by hand, merging old world craftsmanship with state of the art materials and aerospace processes, Iridium skis are gorgeous tools designed for the making of epic days.


Why Iridium

Production skis from the big names ski fine.    They work, they can be versatile and durable too.   But they don't express Iridium's passion.   They don't offer kevlar laminates bonded with green resins to bamboo cores milled by the latest CNC technology.    Or locally designed graphics sublimated with bio-based inks creating striking top sheets.   Using wind power energy and aerospace technologies, each pair of Iridium skis are lovingly hand made in Park City, USA.    It's true, Iridium is at the epicenter of coolness.

Iridium's management team is comprised of hard core skiers possessing deep industry experience with other ski manufacturers, as ski area managers, athletes and winter fantics who all want something more, something different, something special.

If you want something unique, built with the latest aerospace technologies and fused with green science that ski spectacularly, Iridium's for you.

"Iridium's story is like no other.   Our cool, green, aerospace science is wrapped in the highest performing art.   If skiing's your passion, Iridium's your ride."
- Mark Overbye, Iridium CEO and vertical addict.


Organic Rocket Science

The heart of the mountains, Park City, Utah, is a great place to express our unrivaled passion. With three world class resorts, Park City the perfect venue for Iridium.

Built in Park City, Utah, Iridium skis are 100% built in the USA. Where most skis are built in Asia, Iridium skis are built by hand in the USA by skiers and riders who fuse their passion into every pair.

Iridium skis are built from a proprietary recipe thoughtfully prepared with ingredients from the best vendors. We’ve taken a green approach and it costs more but the end result is a deeper look at what comprises the best skis and how those elements synthesize to create the best possible composite yielding an excellent experience on snow. Epic days ahead.

Unlike some bamboo veneers found elsewhere, Iridium’s Bamboo Power Core is pure, vertically laminated bamboo. Although triple the cost of typical cores, Iridium’s cores are Forestry Stewardship Certified, without formaldehyde and meet the highest quality standards. Iridium’s Bamboo Power Core presents a trifecta of performance- it’s light weight, 3 times more dense for superior energy transmission and offers a lively skiing experience yet smooth like a metal construction.

Super Sap Resin is an eco-friendly resin product produced with 50% less greenhouse emissions, replacing petroleum based chemicals with biobased renewable feedstocks. It’s so clean, working with it does not require respirators. Yes, it’s far more expensive but also offers superior adhesion and strength qualities resulting in the best possible products.

Like high-speed racing yachts and composite helicopter blades Iridium uses the latest aerospace vacuum molding technologies. Instead of crushing disparate materials in a traditional cavity mold under four atmospheres of pressure like traditional ski companies do, Iridium ski components fit together perfectly, like puzzle pieces, and are then molded in a vacuum process that evenly distributes one atmosphere of pressure, saturating every component for a consistent and highest quality construction.

Kevlar. It’s what you want. One of the strongest materials on earth, it’s an aramid fiber with a relative density of 1.44, five times stronger than steel at a minute fraction of its weight. Kevlar has high modulus, low elongation to break weight, exceptional tensile strenth and dimensional stability that make it a perfect ingredient in Iridium skis. It’s also very cool.

Iridium’s sidecuts evolve from a patent-pending digital process yielding the best performing dimensions. Iridium’s rapid prototyping techniques can produce an unlimited array of possibilities in the pursuit of the best skiing skis. Unlike traditional ski builders who may be stuck with amortizing expensive, fixed tooling, Iridium skis individually feature sidecuts harmonizing with each models’ construction, camber and use parameters to produce the biggest smiles.

Cambers for each Iridium model are perfectly matched. For optimal performance, wider skis used more in softer snow conditions feature early rise tip profiles. The synergy of the right sidecut, flex and camber easily creates one epic run after another.

High Angle Sidewalls maximize edge grip and invites rolling the ski on edge. Whether on groomers or in the back country, Iridium skis are easier to ski and take less effort to initiate a turn.

Vincent would be proud. Iridium’s graphics are truly Van Gogh on snow. Capturing the essence of vivid colors, the natural wood grains and today’s graphical flavors, Iridium’s expression is classy and timely.

Feel the need for speed with Iridium’s 7500 sintered bases. Produced in the USA, it’s the fastest base material available. Readily binding with carbon and waxes, Iridium’s 7500 base techology produces best results for extended periods. With the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic, a low friction coefficient and superior abrasion resistance it’s the ultimate running surface.

CNC top technology- Every component in Iridium skis is CNC cut for perfect alignment and fit. Milled to exact specifications for optimum performance, cores meet designers specifications down to microns. Layers of kevlar, unidirectional and bias ply glass, running surfaces and top sheets fit to perfection like puzzle pieces resulting in production consistencies like no other skis. Iridium skis meet the most stringent specifications while delivering exacting design performance.

Iridium is green. Maybe the greenest. Certified bamboo from managed forests, clean bioresins, cutting edge efficient CNC industrial science, sublimated graphics with bio-based inks, carbon offsets, wind powered production, recycling and best practices that sets an unrivaled pace.

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