The Vivo is alive, vivid and vivacious, the ideal definition of an all mountain ladies ski.


  • Vivo means being alive, vivid and vivacious, it’s the ideal definition for this all mountain ladies ski.   Iridium’s unique Perfect Synergy Camber matches the right sidecut, camber and tip rocker for smart and easy turns in all conditions.     Pick the Vivo and look stylish as you rip past the guys.    

     Sizes 159/159/169/179,   Radius: 19.5m,  Sidecut: 169-120/90/113,  Camber-Tip Rocker: 85/15

  • Skis ship via Fedex ground for $20 to US destinations and $30 to Canadian destinations per pair.   Call for expedited and other destination charges.